Are you worried about a specific sexual encounter?

There’s a time gap between catching an infection and it showing up on the tests. Testing earlier might miss something. This is called the window period. If you want to put your mind at rest, wait 4 weeks before you come.

  • HIV/syphilis blood tests—4 weeks
  • Gonorrhoea & chlamydia swab/urine tests—2 weeks
  • You may need urgent treatment if you have had a significant HIV risk in the last 72 hours (eg condomless anal sex). Contact your local A&E or walk into our main clinic at 56 Dean Street and ask about PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis).

HIV Testing

People who find out early that they have HIV live longer, healthier lives than those who find out late.

If you are at risk of HIV the NHS recommends annual HIV testing. Gay men should test every three months if they have unprotected sex with new partners. About 1 in 20 gay men in London have undiagnosed HIV. Two thirds of those people actively believe they are not infected.

You can reserve a slot for a free rapid HIV (AIDS) test at any time during our opening hours. Some of our tests give a result within 60 seconds The service is totally confidential. You don’t have to use your real name if you prefer. One of our friendly team will then see

you to perform the HIV test. There is never any charge for your visit. The whole process will typically take less than one hour.